Fizzback helps brands to engage with their customers. The Fizzback™ service solicits instant customer feedback at the point of experience and employs a unique artificial intelligence engine to understand the nature, sentiment and tone of comments. Tailored responses are generated and delivered in real-time, driving meaningful conversations. Relevant employees are intelligently alerted, enabling companies to resolve customer issues quickly; and an interactive dashboard, including KPIs and verbatim customer feedback, helps senior management drive their business by voice-of-customer.

Fizzback™ is being used by companies determined to innovate and differentiate themselves through a superior customer experience. In practical terms it is like being able to walk the shop floor 24/7, listening to what your customers are saying and acting upon their insights. Offering a SaaS business model and a strong ROI, based upon improved customer retention and service, its customers include some of the largest retailers and Telecom companies in Europe, including T-Mobile, Tesco and Marks & Spencer. Fizzback originally based in London was sold to NICE Systems in September 2011. 


twitter: @Fizzback


location: London

business established: 2004

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