Fractus designs, manufactures and licenses optimized antennas for mobile handsets, short range wireless devices and telecommunications infrastructure by applying the science of fractal mathematics to antenna development.

Fractus holds an IP portfolio of more than 50 inventions protected through more than 200 patents and patent applications in the US, Europe, and Asia. As a result of the impact of Fractus’ technology in the global telecoms industry, Fractus has been named one of the most innovative technology companies by Red Herring and Davos World Economic Forum.

The first ever patent for fractal design applied to mobile telecommunications antennas was filed by Fractus CTO Dr. Carles Puente in May 1995. Since then, Fractus has registered 49 patent families for both antennas for the telecommunications industry and mobile applications.


LinkedIn: Fractus

tel: +34 935 442 690

location: Spain

business established: 1995

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