Headquartered in Barcelona (Spain) MARFEEL was founded in 2011 by Xavi Beumala and Juan I. Margenat.


Marfeel offers mobile reading technology since 2011 to media groups, publishers and brands. Its network is formed by major national and international publishers such as Unidad Editorial, Grupo Zeta, Grupo Prisa, 20 minutos or Prisma Media, making Marfeel the leading mobile reading solution in Europe. Marfeel automatically turns any web into the best reading experience for different moments of the day in devices such as the iPad or smartphones. The Marfeel solution encourages a natural, continuous and very fluid reading experience, with no distractions, where content is king, and where the reader is engaged by discovering interesting content. Everything from inside the browser, maximizing the impact of advertisers through new ad formats completely integrated in the experience.


The company has over 4 million readers and over 100 million pageviews. These figures have turned clients such as Expansion, CincoDias, Vozpopuli, Sport,, El Periodico or into loyal fans.



twitter: @marfeel


location: Barcelona

business established: 2011

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